what i've been doing (or not doing)

13 August 2012

Hello strangers! I've been completely out of the blogging loop for almost two weeks now, and no I haven't been off on my hollibobs (I wish), I've been in a drug-induced dreamland - and not the good kind either!

I had a last minute dental operation almost two weeks ago and reacted badly to the anaesthetic, morphine or codeine - perhaps all three. Anyone who says a fear of dentists is irrational is wrong! It was supposed to be a routine operation to remove three teeth in preparation for my braces, one of which was still in the roof of my mouth hence why I had to be put 'under' but it resulted in over a week of constant nausea, sleeping and painkiller popping. 

I lost 10lbs in 10 days due to finding all food repulsive - sadly for me anything I can get my sore chops round is now very attractive again! 

I think I really knew I was ill when I realised I'd gone days without thinking about all the materialistic things that normally fill up my thoughts - weight-loss, fashion, money, makeup, weddings etc. But fear not, the surgeons didn't decide to do a lobotomy at the same time and I'm back to my usual, addicted to trawling the internet for ever prettier things, self. <3

I'll be posting a little haul shortly but I'll leave you with a photo of me looking very fetching in my hospital gown and, frankly, a little too enthusiastic about my imminent trauma.