Tale as old as time

4 November 2013

Wow, it's been so long since I last posted. This summer has been a strange one. I graduated in July and since then have spent my time putting off applying for graduate jobs... That's a lie - I did spent quite a bit of time applying for jobs but it has taken me a long time to get anywhere so I perhaps wasn't as efficient as I should have been. I did go to a few music festivals and spent time with my family but, due to a distinct lack of funds, this summer has felt like a bit of a non-event.

The good news is I now have a real job in the real world! It's a bit strange being out of the student bubble but I feel like my life is actually going somewhere now (dramatic much). Okay so I haven't hit my first pay-day yet but I'm feeling more like a real human being who works and gets paid and whatnot.

Hence why I thought I'd fire up the old blog again. I know there are bloggers out there who write whilst living on a limited budget and I'm not saying you can't but I'm a very materialistic person and I didn't quite feel like myself when I didn't have any pennies to spend on the things I love. And not feeling like myself meant my creative juices weren't particularly.. flowing...!

So I'll stop rambling now and get to what this post was meant to be about - Halloween! I love Halloween. In my High-School and College years I was always the one who threw the Halloween parties but at university it became more about club nights. But now we're a little more grown up Alex and I decided to throw our first Halloween house-party in our own home.

I think I enjoyed putting up the decorations, carving pumpkins and making cupcakes almost as much as the party itself!

Beauty and The Beast

Halloween Cupcakes - these disappeared in a flash!

And now I've got that excited feeling... if Halloween is over and Bonfire night is tomorrow then that means Christmas is just around the corner! 

Graduation Cupcakes

26 July 2013

I made my family these cute cupcakes when they all came over to celebrate my graduation last week.The cupcakes are my very naughty Chocolate and Peanut Butter cupcakes which I posted the recipe for here and the little mortar boards I made by adapting a couple of recipes I'd found online when I searched for graduation cupcakes.

Basically they're a mini Reeses peanut butter cup with a square of Lindt milk chocolate on top (glued with a little blob of chocolate icing). Then on top of the square is two little strawberry laces and a mini smartie, also glued with chocolate icing.The combination of all that chocolate and peanut butter made for quite a meal and some people made the sensible choice of eating them in two sittings haha!

What do you think? I think they look great in my new cake stand which I just can't bear to put away so is permanently sat on our kitchen table! I'm thinking of putting something decorative inside in between baking sessions - maybe some plastic flowers or something? The cake stand was a graduation present from my Mum and Dad and is by Jasper Conran at Debenhams - it's so sturdy, I can definitely recommend it!

Class of 2013

25 July 2013

Say cheese!

 Obligatory Paternoster lift shot since my university has one of the very few remaining ones in the world.

Getting an amazing view from the top of the Arts Tower. 

Woohoo I finally graduated! I can't believe I actually made it. About 20 months ago now I dropped out of university and couldn't imagine myself ever getting my degree so to be walking across that stage in my robes was such a proud moment for me and for my family - I couldn't have done it without them!

So now I'm no longer studying, I suddenly have nothing to do... Obviously I'm spending a lot of time looking for and applying for jobs (honestly...!) but I also have the time to spend on my hobbies again and this blog is one of them. So I have a few ideas for posts lined up. I was planning to do a Glastonbury post but my camera broke while we were there and I didn't want to drain my phone battery so I barely took any - gutted! I'll definitely be going back next year though - it was amazing!

Ooh something else exciting too - since I finished university I've started wedding planning! We're thinking about January 2015 (yes January - we're crackers!) which gives us just under 18 months to plan - needless to say I'm spending a lot of time on pinterest!

So I'm sure there'll be a few wedding inspiration posts very soon :)

Secret Treasure Box - Tsar Emporium, Bakewell

21 April 2013

With the sun making a welcome debut this weekend, me and the fiancĂ© decided to drive into the Peak District and enjoy a bit of country-side scenery. We visited Bakewell, possibly our favourite place to visit in the Peaks and stopped for an obligatory slice of Bakewell Tart in the courtyard garden of our favourite little cafe (which incidentally does mail order - genius!). 

Mmmm so good!

We were both feeling rather worse for wear after going out with our friends the night before so, whilst we often go hill-walking at weekends, this time we just took a leisurely wander around the shops. In another little courtyard I found the most amazing shop called The Tsar Emporium which was full to the brim with vintage and vintage inspired trinkets, furniture, chandeliers, mirrors - you name it, they probably have it! Whilst I was squeaking with excitement and declaring that when we have our own house it will look like this shop, Alex was joking about calling the wedding off... sadly his tastes in decor are simple and modern - probably the opposite of mine!

There was so much I could've bought in that shop but I restricted myself to choosing just one item and I chose this little keepsake box. I love how it looks like something straight out of a fairy tale! I haven't decided what to use it for yet but for now it's taking pride of place on my dresser.

I now have less than 5 weeks til my final university deadlines - that's why the blog has been so quiet! I'm definitely looking forward to blogging more often though and might even be posting a few wedding-related posts as wedding planning is officially beginning when I hand in those essays! 

Did you get out and enjoy the sun this weekend?