winter coat lustlist

21 September 2012

I love coats. My problem is they never last me more than a year and this is mostly due to me being a different size every time winter rolls around. Two years ago I bought a gorgeous white wool coat with black rose buttons and I was in love. It's still in my wardrobe but the small problem is is that it's a size 16 and I'm now more like a 10, it swamps me. Last year I bought a navy quilted coat from Next in a size 12 and even that is too baggy on me now. I'm not complaining though because 1. It shows my hard-work is paying off and 2. It means I get to go shopping for a new coat :)

Winter 2010

Winter 2011

Here are just a few I've got my eye on. I'm going to the Meadowhall Student Lock-In on Thursday as most of my favourite shops are doing atleast 20% off so it's the perfect time to be investing in a new coat.

1. PU Panel Parka from Miss Selfridge.  I like this coat for 3 reasons - it's black, it's pu and it's quilted. The only problem I have with it is the parka shape - I've tried a few on before and I don't find them very flattering on me - they seem to be pretty shapeless.

2. Berry Full Skirted Coat from Miss Selfridge.  Loving the berry colours this A/W and if I did get this one it would be the first coat I've owned which isn't black/white/navy. I love the peplum shape too and the fact it's fitted.

3. Navy Faux Fur Hood Parka from Dorothy Perkins. Another parka so again I'm not sure about the shape. I have a thing for faux fur hoods though (in love with my Jack Wills gilet with faux fur hood).

4. Boucle Navy Skirted Coat. The same as number 2 but in navy. Again, I love the shape and I think navy is a great winter coat colour as it's flattering but not quite as bleak as black.

5. White Faux Fur Collar Coat from H&M. Oh my - there's a billboard with Lana Del Ray looking very beautiful in this coat practically round the corner from my house. I pass it every day and gawp. I'm not actually a big fan of her music but I love her style and she's so stunning. Problem with this coat is it's white and it's dry clean only. The coat in the photo of me above was machine washable and I was very grateful for that after I dropped it in a muddy puddle in Belgium. Perhaps not the most sensible buy..

Have you found your perfect winter coat yet? Which of these would be your favourite?

our york mini-break

16 September 2012

It's been a few weeks now but I thought I'd share a few of my favourite photos from mine and Alex's little break in York. We stayed in a gorgeous hotel called The Mount Royale which I would highly recommend. We only paid for a standard double but they upgraded us to one of their best suites with this huuuuge bed and a dressing room all to myself! Totally a dream come true!
We had a great few days, mostly eating and drinking but also exploring York and Whitby too. I spent a lot of my childhood/teenage holidays in Whitby - especially when I was going through my goth years (!) so it was nice to go back. The Harbour and the Old Town are so pretty - if you haven't been I'd definitely recommend a visit. 

(Alex would like everyone to think I spent much of the holiday on my phone which I did not!)

The hotel had a lovely outdoor pool, jacuzzi and sauna/steam room and these are the robes they give you to toddle down the garden in!

On the last day we went to the National Railway Museum and then for a drink in the train station's excellent pub - The Tap. 

Have you ever been to York or Whitby? What did you think?

weekly ups and downs #7

10 September 2012

yummy roast dinner, home-made peppercorn sauce, best snack ever

chicken burger at the living room, sticky toffee, mmm cupcake

hotel cleaners folded my pjs :), swimming in hotel pool, room service?

before and after, fotd, natural hair

i pull silly faces, one tired boy after his first week at work

sunbathing in the park, new cardigan, being a princess

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I've had a couple of weeks off from blogging - partly because of our little trip to York but also out of laziness - oops! Got a few posts planned this week though. Here's the highs and lows of my last few weeks. 


+ We had a lovely time in York, it was our first holiday just me and Alex in over 2 years. Obviously we live together so can't complain too much but it was nice to be away without our families/friends etc.

+ I found out whilst in York that I got the part-time job at my university's union that I'd applied for! It looks really fun and will provide me with some pocket money :)

+ Alex started his new graduate job this week and is settling in nicely.

+ I survived my first 10k race last weekend! I was so worried about it as my training plan had gone to pot since the dental operation I had a month ago. My aim was simply to finish it but I did better than that and did it in 70minutes which I'm very proud of. Next time sub 60 would be great!


- Alex's new job - although it's a good thing it means he's out the house like 7.30-7.30 every weekday whereas all summer we've barely spent a day apart. Guess that's adult life though.

- 2 weeks til I go back to university - this is a good thing too but I have a feeling third year is going to be tough. 

I hope you've all had lovely weekends and enjoyed the burst of sun we had.