all in white

23 April 2012

My friends always used to tell me to wear less black - what I think they meant was more colour but I've fallen in love with white - there's something very ... clean about white (until you spill something down it that is). 

The sad thing about white is that it should probably be saved for the slim and tanned but I have 4 months before my holiday and miracles do happen! Currently dreaming of Italian beaches and white bikinis, probably slopping chocolate gelato down said bikini knowing me...!

I love the white Rare bustier too, think it would look great at a festival paired with high waisted denim shorts and pastel wellies but then we meet the issue of mud.. last year I literally got mud on my face is that was that muddy at Leeds Fest.  

Maybe I'm just channelling a subconscious or not so subconscious desire to wear a huge white meringue of a dress and marry a certain special someone - who knows. 

What do you think of white? 

week in photos #2

22 April 2012

maybelline ceramic blue, motion city soundtrack gig in manchester, home-made chocolate brownies

walk by the lake, can't believe i've entered a 10k race, new trainers 

like my hair today, my lovely cat tilly, kitty kisses

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It's been a busy week so I haven't blogged and have barely taken any photos! I am liking how instagram is encouraging me to take pictures of everything though, definitely going to take lots of pictures this week. 

Me and Alex have signed up for the Great Yorkshire Run - a 10k race in Sheffield in September. I only started running in November and have only been doing 5k races so 10k is the next challenge.  Decided to raise money for Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity which is just down the road from us. I do hope we can raise lots of money as it's a good cause. 

Tomorrow I've got an appointment at the hospital to find out if I can get braces on the NHS. It's a long time coming, I was too scared to have them when I was a teenager but I want straight teeth now!

Enjoy your Sundays :)

week in photos #1

15 April 2012

 discovering mad men, huge chicken and cous cous salad, jazz in the pub, volunteering at peter andre event
 my creepy face, lazy pub outfit, more healthy food, drunken times with my brother and sister-in-law
alex's raspberry pi cupcakes, new uggs yay, alex's birthday breakfast beer, looking pink in the peaks

Wow, call me blonde but it took a lot of brain power to work out how to get my instagram pics onto here. I've probably done it a really stupid way but hey, it does the trick for now. I've only just downloaded the app but I can see Alex is going to be even more cheesed by my constant photo taking ;)

You can follow me on instagram @glittersequinsandpearls - I'd love to see your pics too. 

Festival Dreaming

9 April 2012

Well hello there... yes I may have been MIA for a few months but fear not, I haven't stopped coveting endless amounts of beautiful material goods :)
I know it's many moons away (okay 4 and a bit months) but I'm super excited about going to Leeds Fest again in August. Like last year, I'm stewarding with Oxfam but this time the boy's coming along too - can't wait! I'm especially excited to see Florence and the Machine, bet she's amazing live.
Back to those material goods... I'm already planning some awesome festival outfits. Here's a few things I've bookmarked for later.

I love crop tops and long-line bras, not that I have the figure to pull them off but who knows what might happen in 4 months! I definitely need some studded hotpants in my life and I think they'd look great with the crochet top and Hunter wellies. I just bought the biker jacket from Miss Selfridge last week so it's not really on a wishlist as such but I do love it! It has part jersey sleeves which make it that bit cosier <3 

Is anyone heading to a festival this year? What outfits are you planning?