week in photos #1

15 April 2012

 discovering mad men, huge chicken and cous cous salad, jazz in the pub, volunteering at peter andre event
 my creepy face, lazy pub outfit, more healthy food, drunken times with my brother and sister-in-law
alex's raspberry pi cupcakes, new uggs yay, alex's birthday breakfast beer, looking pink in the peaks

Wow, call me blonde but it took a lot of brain power to work out how to get my instagram pics onto here. I've probably done it a really stupid way but hey, it does the trick for now. I've only just downloaded the app but I can see Alex is going to be even more cheesed by my constant photo taking ;)

You can follow me on instagram @glittersequinsandpearls - I'd love to see your pics too. 


  1. Lovely pictures! I have instagram too although haven't quite worked out uploading either! x ps - thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :-) x

  2. I'm discovering Mad Men too - it's so great! Also your food pics are making me hungry!! Cute blog :)

    1. Thanks for following Katie, glad you like my blog!