weekly ups and downs #7

10 September 2012

yummy roast dinner, home-made peppercorn sauce, best snack ever

chicken burger at the living room, sticky toffee, mmm cupcake

hotel cleaners folded my pjs :), swimming in hotel pool, room service?

before and after, fotd, natural hair

i pull silly faces, one tired boy after his first week at work

sunbathing in the park, new cardigan, being a princess

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I've had a couple of weeks off from blogging - partly because of our little trip to York but also out of laziness - oops! Got a few posts planned this week though. Here's the highs and lows of my last few weeks. 


+ We had a lovely time in York, it was our first holiday just me and Alex in over 2 years. Obviously we live together so can't complain too much but it was nice to be away without our families/friends etc.

+ I found out whilst in York that I got the part-time job at my university's union that I'd applied for! It looks really fun and will provide me with some pocket money :)

+ Alex started his new graduate job this week and is settling in nicely.

+ I survived my first 10k race last weekend! I was so worried about it as my training plan had gone to pot since the dental operation I had a month ago. My aim was simply to finish it but I did better than that and did it in 70minutes which I'm very proud of. Next time sub 60 would be great!


- Alex's new job - although it's a good thing it means he's out the house like 7.30-7.30 every weekday whereas all summer we've barely spent a day apart. Guess that's adult life though.

- 2 weeks til I go back to university - this is a good thing too but I have a feeling third year is going to be tough. 

I hope you've all had lovely weekends and enjoyed the burst of sun we had.

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  1. Jealous of your NYC trip and congrats on the 10k race! :) x