weekend lust list #4

18 August 2012

The other day I received the H&M Autumn Season catalogue through my door. It's been lying around the living room until today when I sat down and had a leaf through and saw so many pieces I need in my life! I  don't go back to university for 5 weeks but I'm already thinking about comfy but stylish outfits ready for the new term. 

1. I already have an Arran style jumper but I don't think you can have too many!

2. How beautiful is this handbag? I love the studded detail and the fact it has a longer strap always appeals to me. Yes, I already have about 10 black handbags but this one is extra special!

3. I've been umming and ahhing about buying some maroon/burgundy coloured jeans for a while now. The thing that puts me off is that maroon was the colour of my dreaded high-school uniform so I've always stayed well away - along with green which was my primary school colour! But since I left high-school five years ago, perhaps it's time to embrace the maroon - it's such an autumny/wintery colour and I think the jeans would look great with the cream jumper for a cosy casual outfit. 

4. I've been looking for a new denim shirt for a while since the two that I had have got way too big for me (yay for weightloss). The two I had were more of a bleached denim colour so I think this darker colour will be a nice change.

5. I love the pearls and jewels on this necklace, I think it really softens what is otherwise a quite scary necklace!

Have you started thinking about your Autumn/Winter wardrobes yet or are you still hoping for some more summer? 


  1. Love the denim shirt. I have some burgundy/maroon jeans and they're surprisingly versatile. I'd say forget the dreaded school uniform and go for it :) x

  2. I've been looking for same color jeans but have not found the right fit. I will definitely stop by my local H&M to see what they have.

  3. Lovely mix for the season! I think the aran jumper is a classic and it would look great teamed with the studded bag :).
    Rose x

  4. I saw those jeans in store today! So almost bought them...maybe I will. I'm really ready for the cooler weather now (can't believe I'm saying that) but getting so bored my clothes! Need a change! x


  5. Great Lust List :) Love the bag! H&M can do no wrong! I love Autumn/Winter clothes more than Summer clothes so I am very excited about all the new stuff coming into stores :)

  6. I love that bag! You can never have too many black bags :) xx