revlon colorburst lip butter in cotton candy

14 August 2012

My lips bare ('scuse the freckles)

My lips buttered

I know beauty bloggers have been reviewing this product left, right and centre but I wanted to share my own thoughts. I'll admit I mostly bought it because I'd heard so much hype surrounding it in the blogging world. I suffer from quite dry, cracked lips - probably because I simply don't look after them well enough. This means I tend to shy away from lip products and most days don't wear anything at all on my lips because I find a lot of lip-sticks just exaggerate their sad state. I'm also very particular about the taste/smell that comes with a lip product, this might sound daft but a lot of lip products really catch the back of my throat (no I'm not eating them!) and that puts me off.

Bearing that in mind, I can honestly say I love this product. The formula and taste/smell remind me of my Body Shop Cocoa Butter Lipcare Stick and it feels like it has very moisturising properties which can only help my lips long-term. The colour pay off is limited but I expected that. As you can see from the photos, the colour is a 'my lip colour but better' kind of colour with a light sheen. 

The only down-side to this product, I think, is the price. The Body Shop lipcare stick I mentioned is half the price at £4 and I'm not sure the colour payoff is worthy of paying double that. However, in the small Boots I bought this from, there were only about six shades available and I've noticed online there are twelve so that does tempt me to try a few different ones and see if the colour pay-off is any better.

Have you tried the Revlon Lip Butters yet?


  1. That's such a pretty shade! :D xx

  2. really natural shade but quite pricey xxx