weekly ups and downs #6

26 August 2012

dalmation outfit, new shorts, new disney pjs

bye-bye blonde, hello ombre, fotd

home-made chicken korma, chinese takeaway, favourite cookies

mannequin hands, new key necklace, can't wait to go back

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+ Bought lots of lovely new clothes this week - haul post coming soon.

+ I had a job interview for some casual work at my students union - I think it went well and I'll find out this week if I got it!

+ Feeling very excited for our 3 nights in a luxurious hotel in York this week. Outdoor pool, jacuzzi, steam room and a spa too - can't wait! Fingers crossed the sun will shine for a spot of swimming. 

+ I've been for 3 runs this week and feel like I'm slowly regaining my fitness. 

+ I can't decide if this is an up or a down but I go back to university 4 weeks tomorrow! I am getting a bit bored really so I'm looking forward to the social side but not the workload!


- Although I've been running a few times this week I still don't feel ready for my first 10k race next sunday!

- I need to really appreciate this week with Alex as from next Monday he'll be a 9-5 man! I know that's normal for a lot of people but having both been students and having had the whole summer off together I'm going to miss him just being around the house. 

I hope you're all enjoying your Bank Holiday weekends - we aren't doing anything special. I guess when you're unemployed/students it doesn't make much difference as every day is a day off! Not for long though!

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  1. I enjoy reading your ups and downs posts :) They are fun to read. Good luck in Uni and Hope we can read about your little getaway soon :)