now baby what've you done to your hair

21 August 2012



Okay, firstly, please excuse the awful posing today. I'm really not having a very photogenic day - especially post-hair cut. Eeek I've gone back to brown! Despite this being pretty much my natural colour I've suffering from shell-shock at the moment. It's so so dark! Keep doing that double-take in the mirror thing!

Basically I was fed up of having to have my roots done and I've been wanting to try the ombre style for months now so today I bit the bullet and gave my hairdresser a call. It's only a small, local salon so I think she was a bit nervous about how it would come out but we were both pretty pleased! I did ask for a lighter brown than this at the top but she said it will fade really quickly with it being on top of blonde so I think I'll be vigorously washing my hair over the next few days...

What do you think? Be honest (but not too honest :P). 


  1. Looks lovely! The dip dye really suits you. Touching up roots regularly can get ridiculously expensive so I think you've done the sensible (and stylish) thing :) x

  2. this looks really nice! roots are such a pain in the arse! x

  3. I had ombre done for the exact same reason back in March but it didn't turn out half as good as yours. I've just mine re-done to be more like 'balayage' and I think it turned out much better. Thankfully. I like yours on you though :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx! :)