goodbye july, hello august

1 August 2012

Wow I can't believe how quickly July flew by. And I only blogged 7 times - so shameful! It's been a crazy month, here's what I got upto!

I passed my driving test woohoo! 

I made pink, sparkly cupcakes for my last day at work. 

Alex graduated - super proud of him and can't wait for my turn.

I had a trip down south with friends and went to Brighton and Thorpe Park for the first time, and had a BBQ by the beach. 

I'm so northern, 6 days down south and I got sunburnt! Wasn't complaining about the rare sighting of the sun though. 

My cousin and her boyfriend came to stay with us. Cocktails, meal out and another BBQ!

Such a busy month! I feel like I can finally breath now though, I've left my job at the nursery and officially have NO plans for the next 8 weeks until I go back to university. Unless you count a stupid dental operation in two weeks (in preparation for braces eek!). 

I'm going to be setting myself a few challenges to keep myself occupied over the summer, mainly getting my diet and fitness into check but a few more exciting things too. I'll write a separate post on this soon.

Fingers crossed for more sun in August!


  1. Congrats on the driving test!! Enjoy your time off, I really hope there's some more sun on the horizon!

  2. Gorgeous photos!! I want to go/ do everything here! Especially to the Pier & try those fab cupcakes! & also congrats!! I need to hurry up & pass mine :( xx

  3. you look absolutely gorgeous in every photo xx