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3 June 2012

proud of my dad running, ice-cream and pizza - perfect sunday food, gave up diet coke but cracked

travelling home, fish and chips picnic, <3, summery dress

fotd, sunbathing by the arts tower, jubilee flowers in preston, my grumpy face

me and my mum, passed my driving theory, couldn't choose so bought both, strawberries dipped in nutella

  chocolate and banana loaf, pimms o'clock, jubilating, queen for a day

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Wow, lots of instagram photos from the last two weeks. I uploaded them in a different way this week as I noticed the quality of the photos wasn't very good in my last instagram post. It was a bit more time consuming but hopefully should look a lot better.

Me and a couple of friends headed down to our union bar for a jubilee party today. Did a bit of flag waving and pimms drinking in honour of our lovely Queen! I'm not a massive royalist or anything but do love getting a bit patriotic on these sorts of occasions! I've learnt a lot about the royal family this week and found it quite interesting. Just watched the documentary about the making of the jubilee single with Gary Barlow, that song is soo catchy!

The highlight of my week was passing my driving theory exam. As soon as I passed I booked my practical test for mid-July, fingers crossed that's enough time to fully prepare! If I pass this, summer is going to be great - someone in the family has offered to lend me a car for a few weeks so I have a few roadtrips planned :)

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend, even if it is raining!

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  1. Hmm I really want fish & chips now! Sadly there are no chippies open nearby on a Sunday boo :(