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17 June 2012

 cooking outside feeling like a tv chef, amazing disco taxi, night out with my besties, drunken nail painting = yellow stain on leather jacket :(

eek so excited to see Cheryl live, can't find this dress anywhere on asos, a nice slow 5k, drying my hair in a topknot a la Dollybowbow

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I keep changing the way I write these sorts of posts, sorry about that! I'm a pros and cons kinda person though so I think this way will be fun.


+ Me and my uni besties had a cracking night out on Tuesday - possibly the last night we go out before they leave the city and move back home as they've finished their degrees now. The highlight of the night was probably the disco taxi (only by request, it's kitted out with strobe lights and your choice of very loud music) - definitely getting in that again.

+ My parents came and stayed with us for the weekend and brought their amazing gardening skills. A day of gardening later and we can actually walk down the garden path and sit out in the yard (if summer ever comes!). 

+ I now only have 5 weeks left at the nursery before leaving. That means 5 weeks til my epic summer plans begin. 8 weeks of little trips, seeing friends and going to festivals before knuckling down to third year in September. 


- After getting a new PB at parkrun last week, this weeks time wasn't anywhere near as good and I've no idea why. Just need to remind myself I can't improve every week! I've still cut 5 minutes off my 5k time since I started in November. 

- Just general money troubles blah blah. So many pretty things I want and not enough funds!

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  1. Haha. Your last line of your downs sums up how I have been feeling this past month :) LaceyLoves