mini cupcakes

25 June 2012

So earlier this week I ordered a Wiltons Mini Cupcake Tray so that I could start baking mini cupcakes rather than the humongous ones I normally bake. I wanted to be able to enjoy the treat that is having a cupcake but without the ridiculous number of calories - they came out at roughly 85 calories each in comparison to 380 calories for my usual ones. Of course that didn't stop me eating several at once! Luckily I put most of them in the freezer so I can take out one at a time. 

I used my usual vanilla cake batter recipe which was a big mistake! It made 72 cupcakes! And as I only had the one tin, that was a long night of baking. I love the results though, I think they look a bit like iced gems. 

What's your favourite thing to bake?

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  1. These look so cute, alot less naughty than the bigger sizes too! Might have to copy you a little haha.

    Loving your blog :) xo