weekly ups and downs #2

24 June 2012

exciting bag, new toy, topshop vectras

diy french manicure, washed my makeup brushes, love notebooks

home-made fish pie, relaxing with a glass of wine, peach nails

I <3 couscous, baby fruit puree- my secret addiction, blogging

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+ I can't believe I finally own an SLR (okay I'll stop going on about it now).

+ I now only have 4 weeks left working at the nursery (but I'll miss my little ones so this could be a down too). 

+ I'm going to Wales on a mini-holiday with my Mum, Dad and my fiance in less than a week yay. 


- My two best friends who I met almost 3 years ago when we first came here for university moved out of the city yesterday and back to their hometowns as they have finished their degrees. Sad times :( We have made lots of plans for get-togethers though so hopefully it won't be too bad. I'll miss the random little times where we just got a pizza, watched trash tv and gossiped all night. 

- Despite feeling like I'm eating healthy and exercising lots I'm just not losing any weight! I definitely intended to be a lot lighter than I am at this point but it's just soo slow. 

- I got harassed by a drunk man on a bus on Friday. He made me feel so uncomfortable that I just wanted to get off at any bus stop and run :( Horrible horrible man!


  1. This is a great idea for a feature.

    I remember feeling sad when all of my uni friends went back to their hometowns after uni finished but 4 years on we're all still very much in touch.

    Lovely pics too, good to see you're making the most out of your new purchase :) x

  2. Beautiful pictures :) I'm so jealous of your SLR! x