dressing for the dark

27 June 2012

Dress: Topshop (old)
Jacket: Miss Selfridge
Scarf: Primark
Shoes: Topshop
Pearls: A gift
Bangle: Custom Made

This was just an outfit I wore to the cinema with Alex the other day. I know it's dark in the cinema so noone sees what you're wearing but I still enjoy getting dressed up! We also went to Bella Italia for pizzas and I tried one from their Pizza Vita range which are under 600 calories and I was really impressed! I prefer them to the Pizza Express Leggerra range if I'm honest. 

I definitely need to work on my posing. I realise I look pretty goofy in the last picture but it was the best of a bad bunch! I'm getting braces soon (yes I'll be atleast 24 by the time they come off eek!) so need to work on smiling without showing my teeth.

I'm off to Wales for 5 days from Saturday and the cottage we're staying in has no internet so the blog might be a bit quiet. It's kind of a good thing as hopefully it'll encourage me to spend time reading my kindle and camera book rather than browsing the internet so much! 


  1. Love the outfit, especially the scarf. Have a nice time on holiday :) x

  2. I will use any excuse to dress up to ^.^ Even to the cinema. Just think, it may be dark on the inside but you walk out into light!

    You look really pretty here. Loving the shoes !!

    sending you happy spells


  3. That's a really cute outfit! I actually brought those shoes but had to take them back... the 5 were just to small and the 6 would not stay on! I was gutted to take them back! My boyfriend however was very pleased as he hated them lol.

    Can you believe I've never been to Bella Italia?! I love Pizza Express' leggerra so if Bella Italia's version is better then I definitely need to finally go!

    Laura x

  4. Adorable , love the biker jacket xx