one cool cat

21 May 2012

Cat Vest, Miss Selfridge
Aran Jumper, Asos
High Shine Leggings, American Apparel (via Asos)
Ballet Pumps, New Look

This is just what I wore at the weekend, obviously it's a bit chilly to just be wearing vest tops at the moment so I put my new aran jumper on top, oh and then my Jack Wills Gilet and yep I was STILL cold. It's nearly the end of May, what's going on!?

Actually had a bit of an awkward moment in H&M wearing this outfit where I bumped into another girl wearing a cream aran jumper and navy Jack Wills Gilet. Cue awkward look and both of us walking off in opposite directions haha! Obviously a popular outfit choice for 20-something students.

My beautiful cat Tilly sadly passed away last week so when I saw this vest top the next day I knew I had to have it as a little homage to her <3

My favourite picture of my little princess 


  1. This is one of my favourite posts of yours. And I gotta say, I love your blog.
    Follow each other? Already am! :)


  2. Really cute top :) <3

  3. the cat top is too cute! and i'm really sorry to hear about the passing of Tilly. Hope you are doing fine. She was such a beautiful and cute cat. xx

  4. aww I'm so sorry about your cat. The cat top is a fitting tribute to her!

  5. What a lovely cat you had so sorry to hear she passed I hope you're okay!