week in photos #3

7 May 2012

when will it stop raining, poorly kitty :( , frozen yoghurt 

feeling snuggly, new iphone case yay, having a disney day 

pink fizzy while getting ready, ready to go out, classic mirror pose 

his and hers trainers, post-race bacon butty, need to swat up 

off to the pub, watching our friends' band play in the local, try again at third year

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I'm not blogging as much as I want too. Feel like I'm waiting til I buy my new camera which I want soooo badly but need to wait a little longer. 

My cat is really poorly :( She lives with my parents so this was taken when I visited last week and we took her to the vets. Mum's taken her again since and she's had some sort of stroke and her back legs aren't working. If she doesn't get better this week that might be it :'( I begged and begged my parents for a cat about 7 years ago and she was the result - a 2 year old rescue kitty. We have a love hate relationship - I love her and she hates me because I'm always trying to cuddle her! Fingers crossed she makes a recovery.

I have to make scary module choices for next year over the next few weeks. I haven't been studying this year because my third year got off to a crap start so I'm having another go. Can't decide how I feel about it! On the one hand it'll be nice to be a student again and not have to work a minimum wage job to pay the rent but on the other hand I don't know if my brain is up to it! 

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend,

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