Weekly Weigh in #1

25 January 2013

I thought I'd start doing a weekly weigh in. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I think it'll help me be accountable! I have about 19lbs to lose before Summer hopefully and I'm of course upping the exercise in order to tone up :)
Last week I had an awesome week and lost 4.5lbs but this week I took a step back and focused on my essays which meant lots of study snacks. Then a meal out to celebrate them being in, of course. So this week I've gained 0.25lbs which is nothing really and I know I will do better next week.
I thought I'd post a few photos of the meals/snacks I've been enjoying as part of a healthier diet.

Apple and peanut butter - 130kcals. 

Green Thai Curry with 2.5 portions of veg - 380kcals

Chicken Burger Panini with Salad and Coleslaw - 380kcals

Our attempt at Wagama's Chicken Katsu Curry - Chicken Nuggets and Curry Sauce!
450kcals compared to 1100 at Wagamamas. 

Have you got any weightloss goals for the Summer?


  1. im going with my friends to Zante this summer and im dying to loose weight, these all look so yummy, especially the last one! xx

    1. I love your blog and your tiny! But everyone has their own goals don't they :)

  2. keep it going, you're doing great! I really like the idea of the apple and peanut butter snack as well- yum. I need to lose about a stone, i've really piled it on recently so I will definitely be pinching some of your meal ideas :)
    Poppy @ lets drive far away x

  3. I need to start something like this, I don't have an actual goal but really want to be more toned for the summer : )


  4. So glad I found this post - I love your layout, it's so cute :)
    Lovely post. Followed :)

    Elise Dopson xo

  5. Great post, I really want to lose about 12 lbs before summer and hope I can! I always snack a lot which doesn't help. The chicken Katsu curry looks like a great idea!
    Daniella x


  6. Wonderful post. I would like to lose another 14lbs before summer, but I'm relatively happy at the weight I am. I really need to tone up more than anything.

    Following you :)