Leggings Lust

29 January 2013

I can't stop wearing leggings at the moment. I used to be a skirt and dresses girl, I barely ever wore trousers. Whilst I'm still not a big jeans fan, leggings are definitely taking over my wardrobe. And not boring black ones, the more unusual the pattern the better.

1. Miss Selfridge Barbie Printed Leggings - £28. I walked past these in the Miss Selfridge store yesterday and had a head-turning moment. I can't decide how I feel about these - it's like a combination of awe and dismay! If they were half the price I'd definitely buy them, even if just to wear around the house!

2. Black Milk Cloud Print Leggings - $75 AUD. These are so beautiful - I think they'd look amazing with an oversized white t-shirt and shades in the Summer.

3. Black Milk Hills of Gondor Leggings - $85 AUD. I'm definitely going to be showing these to Alex, maybe he'll love them so much and buy them for me?

Have you bought any Black Milk leggings yet? I'm not sure if I can justify the price but I've heard the quality is amazing.


  1. I love the black milk ones, can't decide on the Barbie ones either haha! Great finds x


  2. ahaha i know what you mean, so many different and pretty prints! love your choices, especially the first one


  3. My gosh! Gondor leggings!! x

  4. OH MY GOD BARBIE LEGGINGS NEED TO BE IN MY LIFE ASAP. I have £30 to my name and I'm SO tempted to blow it all on those and live off spaghetti hoops until I get paid.

    I hate being a grown up.


  5. Holy shiz are those LOTR leggings? Two of my fave things together! Glad I found your blog :), off to read more now I got that leggings excitement out!

    1. Yep aren't they amazing!?! Glad you like my blog xx

  6. These leggings are so pretty!

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