Life Update

21 January 2013

Phew! Today was the day I handed in my final assessments for the first semester of final year. Final year is not easy going, let me tell you. I could not be happier to have 2 weeks of being uni-free ahead of me before the final semester begins. Already dreaming of graduation outfits - roll on July!

Sadly, organisation is not my strong suit, otherwise I might have managed a bit of multi-tasking and been able to coordinate blogging with studying. Sorry guys. Next semester maybe I'll be a bit more on top of things!

So I thought I'd start up my blog again with a few photos of what I've been upto these last few weeks that wasn't studying.

I turned 22. I share a birthday week with my Mum and my Grandma so we shared a yummy chocolate tart - can you see all our ages? 

I beat my Dad at parkrun for the third time, pretty sure it isn't a fluke anymore hoorah!

Made time for walks in the snow

I've already got a list as long as my arm for the things I want to do and enjoy over the next 2 weeks but for now I'm cosied up on the sofa with the fiancĂ© and a spot of telly.

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