My 2013 Resolutions

3 January 2013

My man and I at Edinburgh Street Party on New Years Eve. 

Well Hello there strangers. You may (or may not) have noticed I've been missing these past few months. Blogging has taken a backseat whilst I concentrate on the hell that is final year. It's essay season so I'm spending all my time resisting writing "I hate my course, I hate my course" 1500 times to make up my 3000 word count. Bleurgh. Bring on June 2013! At this point I will genuinely be pleased with anything above a third, my time spent at university has been the best and worst time of my life and I'm so ready for a change.

So in the mean time, expect sporadic posts but believe me when I say that blogging will certainly feature in my post-graduate life!

Resolutions are something I do every year without fail. I know some people don't see the point but I'm a strong believer in fresh starts and making new goals and what better time to do that than a brand spanking New Year. I may not always complete my goals but just writing them down helps me feel I'm one step closer to acheiving them.

1. Get to my goal weight and maintain it... forever... Yep you'll see this resolution on pretty much everybodies' list but I know that 2013 is the year I will finally get there. I've already lost 3 1/2 stone and gone from a size 16 to a size 10 but I just need one final push to lose the last 1 1/2 stones and hopefully reach a size 8 with a flat stomach to boot. 

2. Improve my running This will aid number 1 but there are also some sub-categories to this one (oh do I love lists). 
a. Run 10k in <60 minutes
b. Acheive 50 parkruns and get the t-shirt (I've already done 11)
c. Run my first half marathon.

3. Get my degree and be proud whatever the grade. Pretty self-explanatory really.

4. Commit to my blog. This includes posting regularly, learning how to get the most of my DSLR and giving  it a makeover. 

5. Appreciate my Mr. For he really is the best Mr there is. 5 years together can result in taking eachother for granted but this year I'm going to really make a fuss of him. I'm not an easy fiancée to put up with and I know I could do more to help that. Also, I'd like to be able to make some firmer plans as to when we'll be tying the knot - the ultimate sign of appreciation :)

So there's my 5 goals for 2013 - do any of these feature on your list? Or do you prefer not to make any resolutions?


  1. Hi I absolutely love your blog, so I've nominated you for the Liebster award its a way of discovering new blogs and helping others out. I hope you don't mind. :) To find out more or read what I had to say about your blog, or to find some new reads visit
    Hope your well :) xx

  2. good luck in your final year and congratulations for being with your fiancee for 5 years! I hope your resolutions go well :) x

  3. Wonderful resolutions/goals. Best of luck with all of them, and have a fabby year! xoxo