new years resolutions 2012

2 January 2012

I always make new years resolutions and I love looking back to see whether I achieved them. Last year my main two were to lose weight and do well at university. Okay so I achieved one of them - I lost 2 1/2 stone! But I practically dropped out of uni oops.. although I'm going back in September to start my final year again :)

Here are the ones I've thought up for this year:

Get to my goal weight and maintain it 
Although I did really well last year I'd still like to lose another 2 stone and once I'm there I NEVER want to put weight on again haha. Within this resolution I'd like to improve my running, I only started 8 weeks ago but it's my new obsession.

Be more creative
I used to be really creative when I was younger but TV/internet seemed to take over. I've already decided I'm going to start a scrapbook of my year but I'd also like to do some knitting/sewing and maybe join a choir as I love singing - my ideal choir would be something like Glee!!

Be more sensible with money
Over the last two years I've taken my student overdraft for granted and I've lived a little out of my means really but until September I'm going to be working full-time so I'd like to get out of my overdraft and save up for big things that I really want like a holiday abroad with my lovely Alex.

Get my final year at Uni off to a good start
I need to get myself organised and prepare myself over the summer this year so I have a head-start on the modules and hopefully I won't fall behind as quickly as I did this year. 

So there we are, I really hope I achieve my goals this year. Without sounding sickenly positive, I feel like 2012 is going to be a good year. I love reading other peoples resolutions so comment with a link if you've done a similar post.. :)


  1. I love this post! Well done on your weight loss last year. I have just joined up to Sainsbury's Diets to try and lose some so fingers crossed! I also want to try and be more creative! I have lots of things at home to do - just need to do them now! xx

  2. Thanks Sparkly Flamingo! Good luck with your diet too!

  3. Well done, you sound so motivated! Congrats on your weight loss, it's so brilliant!