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23 January 2012

This post is probably going to be rather boring and self-indulgent but I just thought I'd share how I got to having my hair like it is now. It's naturally a very dark brown, looking back at photos I actually think it looks unnatural even though I didn't dye it. My skin is quite pale and I think my dark hair made me look even paler. That look may have worked for my in my teenage goth days (no I'm not posting any photos of it back then!) but not so much now.

So here's how it was. For ages (literally years) I'd thought about having it dyed lighter but I was put off mostly by comments that I wouldn't suit blonde with me being naturally dark. I wasn't so sure about these comments as I have to dye my eyebrows darker as they are very fair naturally and also the fact that my brother has similar colouring to me but has long blonde hair (I've always been jealous!) but I didn't want to risk it. 

Anyway I finally felt brave enough and bought a box dye which was a caramel brown shade. It came out this colour which was basically red/auburn. I'm not saying it's a bad colour but it just wasn't what I wanted so I decided perhaps I was in need of a trip to the hairdressers. 

Off I popped and I had a full head of foil highlights. My hairdresser refused to use bleach but used the lightest colour she could and as you can see it really lightened it up. It was quite a gingery colour though and although it was nice it still just wasn't what I wanted. 

So a few weeks later (at the beginning of December), I had another full head of highlights done and I'm much closer to my desired colour. 

My dilemma (!) now is that my roots are really starting to show and I don't know whether to just have them done or whether to have another head of highlights done and go a shade lighter.. what do you think? Have you gone from brunette to blonde before? They say it's easier to go the other way which means atleast I won't have any difficult getting my natural colour back if I ever want it!

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