have your cake and eat it

4 January 2012

Something I've always enjoyed doing is cake decorating. I'm not saying I'm any good at it but I do like to challenge myself every so often and build on my skills. Here's a few cakes I've made in the past:

This year's Christmas cakes

Last year's mini Christmas cakes

Alex's 21st Cake (he studies Maths)
So I'm making my own 21st Birthday cake this year to take to our family weekend in a Lake District Hotel on Saturday. I'm doing my first ever two-tiered cake as I thought that would be a good skill to learn. It's going to be zebra print and hot pink so pretty tacky haha :) I've taken inspiration from a few photos I found through google image's like this one but I'm using a few of my own ideas too. The cakes combined have 26 eggs in and are going to take ages to decorate etc so I've already baked them even though it's not til Saturday! I'll post again with a picture when it's completed!

Loads of exciting things are happening this week including going horse-riding (that's today eek), ice-skating with friends, birthday drinks, 3 family birthdays and a weekend in the Lakes. And then it'll be down with a bump and into full-time work from Tuesday but nevermind.
I do like having a birthday a week after New Year as it makes the festive period last even longer, hope you're all having a good week!