happy new year and a little rant...

2 January 2012

Happy New Year! I hope you all brought in the new year in style, I'd post an outfit post but I basically wore the same outfit I wore to my work christmas do the other week - you can see it here.
I don't want to use this blog to slag people or businesses off, it's not who I am at all but I felt I needed to vent my  frustration with the service I've received from a certain company recently. It's a real shame because from what I can tell the clothes look good quality and good value for money.. I'm not sure whether I've been completely put off using them again because the prices are really good (and I forgive way too easily) but anyway... the company in question is MissGuided. 

Last week - Thursday evening to be specific, I was browsing clothes online as I often find myself doing and I noticed I liked quite a few items on the missguided website so I put an order in and was delighted to see I could still get free next day delivery - Friday. The website seemed a bit slow and right at the last stage it crashed and never came to the page saying order complete. I checked my emails - no order confirmation. So I checked my bank... money left account. So I contacted them and it seemed the order had not gone through but I had still been charged - they promised a refund. 

So I decided to take the risk and order again as I did really like the clothes. This meant twice the money was out of my bank account as the refund hadn't come through (£200 in total which is a lot of money to me). At this point the free Friday delivery was no longer available so I paid for Saturday delivery (£5.50). Order went through - hurrah!
Saturday comes and my parcel arrives on time but the item I was most excited about (the Holly Cord Collar Quilted Jacket) is missing with no explanation on the invoice and I have been charged for it. I contacted them but realised I'd have to wait til Monday for a response what with New Year. No response today until I hounded them through twitter when I get an email saying "Sorry that item is out of stock, we will send you a refund", BUT the website is still saying it's instock!! Surely they could have more efficient stock checking methods?

So I'm now waiting for two refunds from them and in the mean time I can't have the jacket I wanted :( As I said, I'm not saying I'll NEVER use them again but maybe I'll leave it a while atleast. I understand they've probably grown quite a lot very recently what with sponsoring Pretty Little Liars etc and they might not have been prepared for Xmas/New Years/Sales but still it's no excuse really. I'll also say they did give me 10% off that second order as an apology so atleast that's something. 

On a more positive note I found this jacket on the Next website and am thinking of looking out for it when I go Birthday shopping on Thursday, I'll get my quilted jacket fix somehow haha!

Sorry for the rant, I'll be back with a more positive post soon,

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