Where Are My Knees 10 Week Pledge Week 1

19 October 2012

I've been following the Where are my knees guys for ages now and find their weight-loss posts really inspiring. So when I saw they were encouraging readers to join them in a 10 week pledge I thought why not! 10 weeks will take me to Christmas (started it last week) and what better motivation to lose a few more pounds!

I've already lost almost 4 stone over the past 2 years and would ideally like to lose another 18lbs. I think that might be ambitious before Christmas so I've decided on 10lbs in 10 weeks instead. I'd also like to get back into my running routine (3/4 times per week) and get my 5k time back down to around 30 minutes. 

So how did I do in Week 1? Well I gained 1lb doh! We had a really indulgent weekend with family (see my Nutella cheesecake post!) and I actually gained 5lbs (!) so atleast I've lost 4 of those. I'm still confident I can do it though :)

Will you be joining the pledge? What would you like to achieve by Christmas?


  1. Hiya, Gemma from WAMK here :) I'm hoping to do 10lbs in 10 weeks too. Good luck and chat to use on @wherearemyknees on twitter if you need any support x

    1. Thanks Gemma! Love your blog btw :)

  2. I'm doing this to! Though well done for losing the weight that you have already chick.!!
    Keep updating your progress I can't wait. I'm trying to do 14lb by christmas. Eeeek