So Starstruck - Cheryl Live

10 October 2012

I'm not embarrassed to say I am a massive Cheryl Cole fan. I don't go round shouting about it because I know she's not everyone's cup of tea but especially since she started her solo career I have been following her, buying her albums, reading her biography and ultimately aspiring to be that little bit more like her (what girl doesn't). So when she announced her UK tour I was ecstatic and begged my Fiancé to accompany me and luckily he obliged although I think I owe him one! 

To say last night was amazing just doesn't cover it. We had pretty good seats, the back row of one of the blocks on the floor. Directly behind us there was this big structure with security stood around it and Alex said "look at that, it looks like a second stage" I poo-pood him and said it was just the sound desk. Imagine my surprise when she left the stage and walked down an isle and onto this block! I literally leapt over my chair (I couldn't do it again, must've been adrenaline haha) and was stood right at the front of this second stage. I was less than a metre away from her and she kept singing to us and even touched the guys hands either side of me (damn them and their long arms). At one point I was so starstruck that my legs and hands starting shaking so bad - there was a rather camp guy next to me threatening to faint! 

It was so amazing to see her 'in the flesh' - she looked so real I guess! Anyway I'll stop going on about her and leave you with a few photos taken on my iphone. 

My outfit for the evening (excuse the hoover, hula-hoop and washing basket!)
Top: Primark | Shorts: Vintage Levis | Bag: Primark | Jacket: Miss Selfridge 

My makeup.

Alex doesn't look too impressed!

This is a screenshot from a video Alex was taking on his phone which I'm so glad he did as it means I can keep reliving the moment! 

Can you see my fingertips trying to reach her hand? Damn my short arms! 

Happy and tired going to bed in my new pyjama top.

So are you a fan of hers or not? Promise I'll understand either way hehe!


  1. Jealous much!!! Glad you had a great time hun x

  2. love a bit of cheryl cole! :) you are so lucky - am a bit jealous! Looks like you had a blast!

  3. I'm not a fan tbh but she does have amazing abs of which I'm envious! Sounds amazing that you got so close :)

  4. you look so pretty!

    from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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  5. That top is so cute and you are really pretty. I love your hair.


  6. Aww that's cute. That's how I am with Gwen Stefani. LOL

    Nestled in Nostalgia