the swan queen

14 July 2012

Dress: Topshop (sold out)
Shoes: Primark Wedges
Bangle: Custom Made

I posted about this dress here when I bought it a few weeks ago. I'll admit I didn't actually wear it out the house when I wore it as I'm still saving it for Alex's Graduation on Friday but I know there won't be time for posing (apart from the obligatory photos with Alex in his robes!) and I really wanted to take some pictures in it. 

I love the print of this dress so much, the only thing I'm not sure about is the length. I think it could do with being a teensy bit shorter. I'm quite funny about the length of skirts/dresses, even though I don't particularly like my legs (horrible knees) I hate wearing anything too long - you'll never see me in anything on the knee, below the knee or mid-calf, it's just mini or maxi for me! It'll be okay for Alex's graduation but it might be taking a holiday to my Mum's house where all clothes go when they are in need of some sewing handiwork :)


  1. Love this dress, the print is so pretty and it's a perfect length - although i'm a bit like you and always worry about whether dresses and skirts are too short or not short enough!

    Loving your blogs makeover too :) x

  2. this dress is gorgeous! I think the length is really nice! xx

  3. Beautiful you look lovely in the dress xx

  4. That dress is so beautiful. It suits you wonderfully. Maybe you could take it to a tailor and have the hem pulled up a little? Or wear a tulle petticoat or something to give it a little lift?

    1. Ooh thanks I hadn't thought have that, I do have a white netted petticoat that might look nice under it.