delicious low calorie pizzas

10 July 2012

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I'm pretty much constantly on a weight-loss mission (obviously I have my slips now and then otherwise I'd definitely be at my goal weight by now!). I'm always on the look out for ways I can treat myself for fewer calories than usual. 

When I saw the Warburtons sandwich thins I wondered what they'd be like as pizza bases and they turned out to be great. Normally when I make home-made pizza, I make my own topping but for the sake of speed this time I used a jar of pasta sauce.

Warburtons Sandwich thins
Jar of pasta sauce or homemade topping (you'll only need a few spoonfuls)
Low fat mozzarella

1. First, lay out your sandwich thins on a grill-pan.  

 2. Spread out your sauce

3. Slice your mozzarella

4. Distribute it evenly between the pizzas

5. Grill the pizzas for roughly 10 minutes

6. Serve with salad if your feeling healthy.

Each pizza contains roughly 100 calories. I had 3 so with salad it was around 340 calories.

Bon Appetite!


  1. Wow they look so yummy for little calories too! Definitely gonna have to try this! Thanks for posting :) xo

  2. Just interested in how the pizza works out at 100 calories if the base is 100 calories? Mozzarella (even half fat) must be about 30 cals, plus about 10 cals for a spoon of the pizza sauce?

    1. Hi sorry I didn't make this clear - it's because each thin comes pre-sliced into two so each pizza only uses 1/2 of a thin therefore 50cals.