rolo cupcakes

1 February 2012

Just thought I'd share a few photos from a baking session the other day. We have this jar of caramel in the cupboard that I think I bought from TK Maxx strangely enough, anyway I thought it'd be really yum as a filling in some chocolate cupcakes - rolo cupcakes!
Luckily the baking session coincided with a night in the pub with Alex's friends so I took most of them in a tin to give to them as they need them more than I do! Didn't stop me having a couple too many though, cupcakes are my ultimate weakness! 

 My kenwood mixer - a 21st Birthday present

Mmm gooey caramel centre

I've got a bit lazy with baking recently, I only seem to bake cupcakes and usually just chocolate, vanilla or coffee flavour. I want to be more imaginative and improve my decorating skills!

What are your go-to baking recipes?


  1. They look delicious. I really need to learn how to do icing like that. x

  2. Yum these look delicious and so great!x

  3. These are decorated beautifully. I want to do a cake decorating course or baking course. Just discovered your blog via another blogger and decided to have a sneaky little peek. Keep up with the posts especially the baking ones, I maybe able to learn Just started following so keep up the posts.

    If you get a chance to take a peek at my blog, that would lovely xx

  4. These look gorgeous! I haven't got any sweet stuff in the house either and now I'm totally craving something