H&M Oxblood Red Dress

4 November 2012

 Dress: H&M
Collar: H&M
Watch: River Island
Bangles: Custom Made and Disney Couture
Hair Extensions: Foxy Locks

This is my first outfit post in a while as the room I normally take them in is stuffed with Alex's clothes to make room for my best friend who's living temporarily in our spare room!

I wore this outfit for a spot of shopping and meal out at Wagamamas with Alex last night. I'm really embracing the maroon/oxblood red trend this season. It's not a colour I've worn very much before but I now own quite a few pieces. 

I love these boots so much, definitely my favourite recent purchase. They're high enough to give me a little extra height but not too high that I can't wear them in the day. 

I also got new hair extensions whoop! I haven't worn any for a while as my hair was constantly changing as it got blonder and blonder and then I had it ombred for a little while. Now I've dyed it back to my natural colour and am certain I'll be keeping it this way for a while I thought I'd invest. My hair is naturally quite long but it doesn't seem to grow past a certain point and I'm always dreaming of waist-length hair so clip-ins are the perfect way for me to acheive this. I can definitely recommend Foxy Locks extensions - this is the second set I've had from them and they are the best I've tried. 

Hope you're having a great weekend. 


  1. This dress is such a gorgeous colour! Your hair looks lovely :) x

  2. Love the lacey dress, I'm obsessed with oxblood xx

    1. Thankyou, they do it in other colours too which I'm tempted by!

  3. you look fabulous!! and the boots are perfect!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  4. I'm tempted now to buy those extensions now, are they good?
    lovely outfit

    1. Thanks hun, yeah they're great! I only have one other brand to compare them with but I can't imagine how they could be better to be honest, the length is great and the quality of the hair is amazing - so soft! They can be curled as well which I'm definitely going to be doing soon.

  5. The dress and the boots are amazing! Lovely outfit.
    Maddie xx


  6. Cute outfit!

    X Jenny

  7. love this outfit, the dress is so pretty :) xx


  8. love your extnesions! they look so real :) & I know what you mean about hair not growing past a certain length, I chopped all mine off in to a bob & I sweaaaar it won't grow past my shoulders now! I'm loving oxblood too although ive gone a little OTT and my whole wardrobe is that color now ahaha cxx